We offer the following services:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial.
  • We specialize in retrofits, agriculture and new construction.

We also provide:

Blown Insulation

  • Most cost effective option for attic insulation
  • A high percentage of homes have less than the required
  • R-50 therefore increasing energy efficiency

DC 315 Thermal Barrier Fire Protection

  • DC 315 is a newly ccmc approved product that provides and approved thermal barrier (fire protection) to spray foam. Spray foam installed indoors that is not going to be covered or have a finished look must be sprayed with a thermal barrier (DC 315).

Open Cell Foam

  • Can be installed to thickness of 12" in 1 pass
  • Great for deep gaps or blind hard to reach spots
  • Great accoustic properties (sound proofing)
  • Fills every area desired for insulation
  • Requires a vapour barrier

Closed Cell Foam

  • Add structural strength to your project
  • Waterproof and acts as a vapour barrier
  • Highest R-Value Per Inch
  • Closed cell must be installed in passes of 2" per pass. Most applications require more than one pass to achieve the desired R-Value
  • Closed Cell foam will off gas for a period of time following installation
  • Very versatile insulation product can be used to insulate on dirt, cobble, and stone floors prior to pouring concrete
  • Great for insulation crawl spaces

Insulation Removal

  • Remove contaminated old insulation
  • Vacuum clean to reassess your attic for upcoming renovations or changes to the structure
  • Employees from J&J Insulation will provide a vacuum/bin service of your insulation you want removed. Leave the unpleasant job of removing your insulation to us.

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